We aim to assist our members achieve their potential by building productive alliances and strengthening relationships.

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Education & Training

We help others grow and learn by bringing awareness of programs and opportunities and sharing experiences on how to take advantage of them.

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Community Service

Serving our community is not only valuable for those in need, it also provides our members with insightful experiences and fosters a solidified view of self and purpose.

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Welcome to the Puerto Rico Business Network Alliance! We are excited to be part of a professional group that aims at assisting its members to achieve their potential by building productive alliances and strengthening relationships. 

Since our creation, we’ve seen first-hand the need for an organization like ours in the Broward area. We are eager to fill that void, while we work together with professional allies in the county, as well as other sister organizations in Miami Dade, Palm Beach and even Central Florida, making sure that the needs of the Puerto Rican and Hispanic business community are addressed in a timely fashion.

Please feel free to reach out to us with ideas, questions and suggestions on how we can serve you better. We encourage you to share this information with friends, colleagues, suppliers and clients; this is a community that we expect to grow fast, becoming a leading force within the Hispanic business community in Florida.